3D Crystal Square Photo Keepsake

3D Crystal Square

Whether it graces a corporate executive’s desk or enhances a minimalist home office, this Crystal Square Paperweight adds refinement and function. Its enduring allure comes from high-quality optical crystal.

Lock precious memories in this beautiful 3D Crystal Square to show your loved ones your unending love. This personalized gift also makes a thoughtful present for him or her, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Personalized Crystal Paperweight

Engrave a photo, names or text to make this crystal paperweight a treasured gift for someone special. This beautiful personalized crystal keepsake can be used to commemorate any occasion including birthdays, game nights, travels and many other memorable moments in life.

Present your star employee with a custom engraved crystal paperweight that will show them how much you appreciate their efforts and hard work. You can engrave their name, professional designation and company logo on this crystal paperweight to honor their success.

This classic half circle crystal paperweight is the perfect size to engrave a logo and brief message. This engraved crystal keepsake will serve as a reminder of their big accomplishment and it looks great on any desk. Whether you’re recognizing employees for achieving a sales goal or congratulating them on their promotion, this is the ideal gift to give. This personalized crystal keepsake is sure to be a hit with everyone on your list.

Personalized Crystal Necklace

Give someone a gift that shows how much you care with this stunning personalized crystal necklace. Choose a special photo and have it expertly engraved on a flawless crystal pendant. They’ll be able to wear the memories that are close to their heart everywhere they go.

Crystal rock necklaces are eye-catching accessories that can add a pop of color to your outfit. Many people also use these stones in a variety of healing practices. For example, some believe that certain crystals have calming qualities, while others think they can help with stress reduction and emotional balance.

Make a unique and stylish DIY crystal necklace for yourself or someone else by following this easy-to-follow tutorial. You’ll need just a few basic crafting supplies to create this fun and creative project. Plus, it’s a great way to practice your wire wrapping skills! You can even personalize it by adding charms, beads or jump rings. So don’t delay and get started today!

Personalized Crystal Photo Cube

Capture a special memory and preserve it for a lifetime with a beautiful laser engraved 3D crystal photo keepsake. We use K9 rated crystal which allows for a much finer laser point to be used, resulting in superior contrast and a detailed finished product. We also remove the background to make your image stand out even more. This is the perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and more!

You can also add an optional light base to illuminate your crystal photo. Please note that this will make the overall dimensions slightly larger.

Rectangular 3D engraved crystal photo blocks are the ideal gift for all occasions. They’re perfect for giving to family and friends, as well as corporate gifts, recognition awards and event mementos. They can be personalized with a portrait, product images, award logos and text to create a one-of-a-kind gift or decor piece. A laser engraved 2D portrait of the epic clash between Eikons Phoenix and Ifrit from FINAL FANTASY XVI is also available.

Personalized Crystal Tower

Whether you want to celebrate your friend’s promotion at work or the hard work of a volunteer who’s dedicated their time to your cause, this crystal tower award will make them feel recognized and honored. Its sleek design, resembling a modern skyscraper tower, has room to engrave their name, a company logo, and an inspiring message.

This photo gift is a perfect choice for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. The LED base illuminates it and gives it a unique look that will definitely make it stand out.

Tower crystals are tall rectangular photo crystals that can be engraved with 3D portraits, product images, awards logos and text, or even memorials of loved ones who have passed away. They’re a great way to recognize employees, celebrate a colleague’s success, or remember a departed family member. Each one comes with a handsome gift box.